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Readings For Mental Health Vol1 (Available for sale within NZ only)


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GROW’s Characteristic Literature.

Most of the material thus singled out for reading and discussion is feedback from GROWs own Leadership Meetings (held bi-monthly in each of the organisation’s main centres). These are called Program Commentary. In addition, suitable readings have also been drawn from competent authorities in psychology, psychiatry and contemporary thought generally – the criterion being always concurrence with GROW’s own group experience and the primacy of personal values and personal responsibility for mental health. These added readings are referred to as the Anthology. All the readings are classified under the particular Step of the GROW Program to which they are most relevant. There are five readings for each Step – three from the Program Commentary and two from the Anthology. Together they amount to good representative selection of formative and challenging readings for any Grower’s or GROW group’s reliable development.


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