Growth & Recovery

The 12 Steps of Personal Growth and Recovery

Our 12 Steps of Personal Growth and Recovery helped millions of people around the world

(After number 1, the Steps can be learned or studied in any order)

1. We admitted we had lost our way and needed help.

Which means I take personal responsibility for my part in the problems of life I am experiencing

2. We firmly resolved to get well and co-operated with the help that we needed.

I am committed to changing myself and am open to receiving necessary help from the Grow group

3. We trusted the spiritual power of life, love and the world around us.

I have a sense of an overarching power, bigger than me and all I can comprehend, which some call ‘a wise and loving God’ but can be interchanged with ‘love and goodness’ or ‘nature’ according to one’s own religious belief

4. We acknowledged our gifts and our strengths.

I undertake with the group a stocktake of my strengths and look to change the necessary things I can

5. We tackled our weaknesses and failures.

I look at whether I am using my Gifts and Talents for improvement or for self–harm

6. We committed to the journey even through the tough times.

I’m in this process for the long haul

7. We took care and control of our bodies.

This is a good place to start. I can change one little thing about myself that will change my whole life

8. We learned to think by reason rather than by feelings and imagination.

I need to understand the difference between facts and feelings if I want to restore order in my life

9. We developed will power to do the right thing in spite of our feelings.

I need to practice these new ways of thinking and acting consistently, until they become habitual

10. We took our responsible and caring place in society.

I learn how to live in the real world

11. We grew daily closer to maturity.

I accept personal growth as an ongoing task for the rest of my life

12. We carried Grow’s hopeful and healing message to others in need.

It is through caring about others as I have been cared about that an entirely new order comes into my life