Member Volunteer

A member can volunteer at Grow and help the community and people who are suffering from anxiety and mental disorders

Become a GROW Volunteer

By volunteering we are able to enjoy the satisfaction of giving back to the Grow Community, ensuring that the Program will be available to others in need.

We encourage volunteers to first join as an ordinary Grow member. By doing this you will have the opportunity to learn the Grow program, build trust and become known by others in the Grow community.

As a volunteer, you can ask for help from your home group if you are experiencing a problem and share mental health challenges you have learnt to live with or overcome. It becomes greatly beneficial to you and others when you can relate a personal healing or growth experience and can say you have applied one or several passages found within The Grow Journey booklet.

You will also be volunteering in a constructive way when you are asked to briefly share with the group a part of your personal mental health journey or story. Most volunteer leaders have begun this way, they have found where their talents lie and then developed their leadership skills from there.

As a volunteer, you can contribute by being supportive in an enabling way, guiding fellow members into achieving greater mental strength and emotional maturity. Click here to see what other practical tasks you can offer.

Note that volunteer “student placements” are dependent on whether the group leader accepts the task and if the universities requirements can be met.

Skills Acquired by Volunteering

Achieved Personal Growth

Showed Regard for Others

Developed Organisational Skills

Built Personal Resources

Learnt to Decentralise

Met Great People

Built Confidence and Self Worth

Became Caring & Sharing

Developed Cooperation Skills

Developed Communication Skills

Became Empowered