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Become a volunteer at GROW and help the community and people who are suffering from anxiety and mental disorders

Become a GROW Volunteer

By volunteering we are able to enjoy the satisfaction of giving back to the Grow Community, ensuring that the Program will be available to others in need.

We are empowered to make a difference. When we lead by example by being part of a Grow team we show others Grow’s caring and sharing community in action.

Listed below are some character qualities members have acquired through working as a volunteer. Employers look favourably upon skills and qualities enhanced through this type of work. References can be issued for prospective employers. 

Skills Acquired by Volunteering

Looking at these talents, how many would you like to tick and add to your CV?

Achieved Personal Growth

Showed Regard for Others

Developed Organisational Skills

Built Personal Resources

Learnt to Decentralise

Met Great People

Built Confidence and Self Worth

Became Caring & Sharing

Developed Cooperation Skills

Developed Communication Skills

Became Empowered

Through volunteering you will also achieve principals of GROW’s last three steps of a Grower’s Recovery and Personal Growth:

  • Step 10 – We took our responsible and caring place in society
  • Step 11 – We grew daily closer to maturity
  • Step 12 – We carried GROW’s hopeful and transforming the message to others in similar need

GROW NZ currently has around 40 part-time volunteers who undertake important leadership roles and many more who offer their time or expertise. On behalf of the GROW community, we wish to thank all persons who freely give of their time to volunteer.

Note: You may find, in your volunteering role, you are unable to offer your time because of an unaffordable expense associated with a task. If that is the case, please speak to your Group Organiser or the person you are reporting to beforehand to ask if there is a budget available to reimburse out-of-pocket expenses.

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GROW National Program Team.

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