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Growing to Maturity (Available for sale within NZ only)


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The writings in this book were done over the many years that I was part of a GROW group in Hawaii. The problems faced by the people in my group were the universal problems faced by people everywhere. I wrote these papers in response to what I heard in my group and from reflecting on my own life and problems. I am indebted to all the Growers who shared their stories, their thoughts and their lives with me. I am indebted to the vast body of GROW Literature. I am indebted to Con, Joannie, Clare, Pat, Crumen, and everyone who read these papers and helped me with suggestions.

Some of these writings cover the same territory while other important topics are not covered at all. Some writings will be better than others at reflecting the needs of your group. I tried to make all the papers reflect the philosophy of the GROW program, and you will find the heart of most of them expressed in one or more places in the Blue Book.

Listening to others, thinking about my own weaknesses and the things that helped me, then putting my thoughts on paper, allowed me to better understand both myself and others. This has improved my life. I hope that some of what I wrote will be helpful to you as well.

There are many more such papers that need to be written, ones that only you as a leader and member of GROW can write. You have your unique story and your unique insights. You don’t need to be a genius or a great writer. Each of us has some special understanding that can help another.

Bless you, Anne Waters


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