Benefits of GROW

What are the benefits of joining GROW?

The service GROW provides is one of friendship and mutual help for anyone experiencing a mental, emotional, or any sort of complaint in their life.

Outgrow your mental health disorder

GROW group member’s benefit directly from a 12-step program, which is free and available for all to learn and apply. As a united group of people with a common interest, members work together to apply relative parts of the program to overcome personal disorders such as:


Eating disorder

Post-natal depression


Personality disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder

Panic attack

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Suicide thoughts


Bi-polar disorder

A prevention from mental illness and negative feelings

GROW’s method can not only help you mature through mental illness, it can also be the resource engaged to prevent a mental breakdown. In the course of life, many people can expect an emotional after-effect occurring as a result of:


Job loss

Grief and loss



Life crisis




Lack of confidence

Physical injury



Marriage separation or divorce



Low self-esteem

Social isolation

GROW provides mutual empathy and support from peers who have experienced similar situations themselves. Negative feelings and emotions can play on our mind and if left unchecked, can become too intense or out of control leading to a mental health disorder.

Stop an addiction or habit

As well as the above, your fellow GROW members and your peers will work together with you to combat an addiction or a habit that you want to be free of, such as


Bad listener




Attention seeking


No charge – No referral – No appointment

There is no charge and no referral necessary to join GROW’s mental health service. Groups are run by volunteer leaders and social events are organised by its own members. Donations are accepted and GROW’s own mental health books are available for sale.
Contact GROW now, find a group that meets nearby and just turn up.

Ready to Make a Change?

Join GROW as a volunteer, your contribution can make a difference in society

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