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Find an in-person or online group that is most convenient for you. No referral or appointment is required. Just turn up or connect via Zoom and introduce yourself

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Watch and Listen to recordings of members who talk about Grow. See a snapshot of a Grow group in action. Watch some inspirational Videos about Grow and Mental Health

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Anyone from the public is welcome to attend and observe up to three Grow group sessions to decide if Grow is suitable to help with a problem, for you, a friend or client. Introduce yourself to the group as a “Community Observer”

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12 Steps for Recovery

Since 1957 Grow has contributed to the mental health of thousands of people, based upon Grow’s 12-step program, of friendship and mutual help

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Request free Grow brochures for display. We appreciate them being shown in hospitals, doctors, CAB’s, and other health professional clinics

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Can you Facilitate a group?

Grow needs group facilitators now. There is an ever increasing demand for groups in new regions

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How can Grow benefit you?

Do you need help with mental health, depression, anxiety, distress or some other disorder? Click Benefits to see a full range of problems that Grow is well respected and known for helping


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For as little as $10 + postage, you can receive “The Grow Journey Book” (Blue book), which is full of Grow Mental Health wisdom & insights that is referred to frequently in the Grow group

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Book a demonstration at your workplace, church or community group. Contact us to arrange an experienced Facilitator to step in and demonstrate the running of a Grow group for a select number of your employees, clients or members.

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If you or anyone would like a Grow group in your town or city, click on the request form below. Then once you have several people interested, you can start your group

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How can I start a Grow Group?

Anyone is welcome to start a Grow Group if you follow the basic guidelines

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Grow does not charge any fees and relies on grants and private donations, If you can afford, please donate to Grow for the well-being and betterment of society



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I become a volunteer for Grow? – I want to help people

We encourage volunteers to first join as an ordinary Grow member. By doing this you will have the opportunity to learn the Grow program, build trust and become known by others in the Grow community.
(To see the full answer and other FAQ’s, click here)

What are Grow meetings like?

Grow meetings follow a recognisable format, which is same for all meetings. They combine personal testimonies, group work on members’ problems and adult education about rebuilding lives. Friendships are formed with the common goal to get well and stay well.
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What do People Say About Grow?

In the depression, anxiety and the accompanying low self-esteem, I had a tendency to avoid contact and stay isolated, which only intensified the condition. Grow is an invaluable source of support, helping me to get outside of myself, to grow in self-acceptance and confidence and in active concern for others.

David Construction Inspector

I was dependent on medication – I thought I had no other choice but to live in a stupor. Grow’s caring and its advice on how to deal with hallucinations helped me. Under the care of a new doctor, I had reduced the medication to about 25% of the old dosage. Life is now exciting and worthwhile.

Mariellen GROW organiser

“What made me return to Grow for a second week was knowing that I’d found a haven where I could be with people who understood me and didn’t criticize me or judge me. I felt safe.”


I was depressed and despairingly alone and had developed the habit of talking to myself. But when I discovered a Grow Group I found that they not only listened but also seemed to understand where I was at – they were accepting of me. I began to feel all was not lost.


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