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The Grow Journey – aka Blue Book (Available for Sale within NZ only)


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2 reviews for The Grow Journey - aka Blue Book (Available for Sale within NZ only)

  1. Sue Barriball

    Sue – 21 October, 2020

    The Blue Book and wisdom’s in it, for me are really valuable . My friend and I memorized parts of the Blue Book, which is encouraged, and is of great benefit. We would quote it to each other, which was really helpful. Because when a difficult situation comes up, and I’m by myself, a wisdom comes to my mind, and that’s the value of it. I’m grateful for Grow being here for me and for others.

  2. Chas

    The Blue Book is GROW’s pocket sized collection of widsom and insights that is frequently referred to in the GROW group. It is usually the first book that members are encouraged to buy for their own guidance and reference and for keeping their mental health in check. I would recommend anyone obtain a copy because it has plenty of advice and help for any situation or stress life will throw at you.

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