Promote Your Group

Promote your group by connecting to People, Referrals and Displays, and Media advertising

Ways to Promote your Grow group

Remember, there are many people suffering that are yet to find Grow. Please, don’t neglect to regularly advertise and promote your group. Always strive to bring in new members

Connect to people

Meet with friends and acquaintances and start a Grow group

1. Obtaining a Quorum of Three

Once you have a base group of people who are reliably attending each week, it becomes easier to add numbers to your group’s membership.

Many forming groups have good intentions but fail to gain a stable quorum of three, which is the minimum number required to hold a meeting. To gain and retain members, it will help if you have a natural ability to promote your group, have a genuine concern for others and show a willingness to lead.

2. Preferably Start with Five

Even after obtaining a dedicated group of two or three, you may want to gain the interest of a couple more people before starting your meetings to ensure your group has consistent attendance. A group of five is considered a good average attendance and provides certainty of holding a meeting even if one or two cannot attend.

While building numbers and more interest, you can meet socially for a start to establish support, friendship, a common understanding, and make plans until you are ready to hold your first meeting.