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Do you need help related to mental health, depression, anxiety and wellbeing? Click Benefits to see a list of problems that GROW is helping people with


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In-Person Groups

GROW has In-Person groups and these groups are in several towns and suburbs across NZ. Click button to request group list and see where groups are meeting

Online Therapy

We provide easily accessible online therapy for those who need a helping hand. Click on the button to see if Online Zoom Groups are suitable for you

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For as little as $5 plus postage, you can receive a pocket size Blue Book, which is full of GROW Mental Health wisdom and insights that is referred to frequently in the GROW group

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12 Step Program for Recovery

GROW has contributed to the well being of people in society based upon GROW’s 12 step program of growth to maturity through friendship and mutual help

Getting out of Depression

With the mounting stress of daily living, it’s advisable to deal with it by seeking depression help in New Zealand. Often, people struggle Morewith depression silently