Online Therapy

We Provide Accessible Online Therapy for Those Who Need a Helping Hand

If you are experiencing a difficult time in life and feel you need online therapy, we welcome you with open arms. We understand that life does not always go the way we envision and that everyone needs a helping hand occasionally. Join GROW Mental Health today and find the support you need.

Benefits of Our Services When You Need Online Anxiety Help

When choosing any form of therapy, it is necessary to understand the benefits thereof. Below we have put together a shortlist of benefits we believe you will always experience from our online therapy for depression:

We promote an environment that encourages friendship and peer support to outgrow mental illness and strengthen mental health.

We implement a 12-step program to try and help with numerous mental health disorders, whether depression, anxiety, panic attacks, or others.

Our services are freely accessible to anyone in the community who needs it. We pride ourselves on being there for you when you need us, which is why – even when we cannot meet up in person – we have put services in place to help you from the comfort of your home.

Whether you need a group of people who can relate to you and listen without judgement, or you need freely accessible services, we can help. At Grow Mental Health, we try to strengthen our community one person at a time, and we would love to welcome you to the family.

Commonly Asked Questions from Clients Who Needed Online Therapy for Depression

Over our many years of service, we have received numerous questions about our in-person and online anxiety help, some of which has come up more than once. To help address any possible questions you might have, we list a few questions and answers here:

How can I observe a meeting? We invite all members of the public to attend and observe up to three meetings so they can understand how Grow Mental Health meetings work. If you are happy with how we do things, you may become a member and attend meetings once a week – or as many times as you require.

Where is Grow located? You can find us throughout New Zealand in Auckland, Hamilton, Nelson, Christchurch, and Dunedin. If you need to locate the group nearest to you, get in touch, and we can help you find them quickly. If there are no meeting groups near you, ask us about our ‘national group meeting list’.

How much does it cost to use Grow? There is no fee associated with joining a meeting; however, we welcome donations to help with the group’s expenses.

About Us and Our Services for Online Anxiety Help

Started in 1957 in Sydney, Australia, by a group of mental health sufferers that came together and sought a way back to everyday happiness, Grow has welcomed thousands to our community over time. The community formed the first NZ group in 1965, and we have since tried to become as accessible as possible to everyone, whether in-person or with our online therapy for depression.

Whether you need a helping hand from someone who has had a similar experience or simply someone who can listen and try to help you with a friendly heart and advice, we welcome you with open arms. Call us today and find your Grow group.