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We Provide Accessible NZ Mental Health Services to the Whole Community

If you need NZ mental health services, you can find it right here. We pride ourselves on welcoming anyone with open arms, whether they need someone who can listen, or a group of people who can relate to their experiences and offer advice. Join GROW Mental Health today and experience the benefits of a loving, supportive community.

Additional Services We Can Offer When You Need Anxiety Group Therapy

It is important to understand that GROW Mental Health does not merely work with one specific kind of mental illness. Instead, we offer support for a wide range of mental illnesses to ensure you can find a group for you. Below are a few examples of the support we can provide:

We can help you with smoking therapy if you need it. By joining a group of people who have previously struggled with quitting, you can find solace and understand in your journey towards sobriety.

You can find help with eating disorder group therapy. Eating disorders often lead to overwhelming guilt and a severe lack of personal happiness. With GROW Mental Health, you can join a group who has struggled as you do now and can offer a helping hand in curbing your unhealthy habits so you can take the steps toward a healthier future.

We offer groups for those who suffer from depression. Getting to grips with depression can be difficult, especially if you must brave it alone. Finding a group that can relate to you, listen to you, and can offer advice from their personal journeys can make a significant, positive difference in how you go forward.

Whether you need help with smoking, an eating disorder, or depression, we offer a family that welcomes everyone with open arms and want to see people become the best version of themselves.

Questions Commonly Asked by Community Members Who Needed Social Anxiety Groups

Over our years of providing counselling, we have had numerous questions from countless members. To help clear up possible confusion, we provide some of the most asked questions and their answers below:

Who runs GROW? GROW New Zealand belongs to and international mental health movement, started in Australia. A group of seasoned GROW volunteers run the National Office. Individual groups are not incorporated and self-govern. They operate their own bank accounts and apply for grants to cover admin and program expenses.

How can I help others through GROW? You can help the GROW community through donations or becoming a GROW volunteer. All our volunteers can become members, assisting others by being the guiding hand they need in their time of distress.

How long does a GROW membership last? A GROW membership is open-ended, which means you are always welcome, regardless of your recovery, provided you are receiving comfort and helping others. We refer to our long-term members as ‘Seasoned Growers’.

What You Should Know About Us and Our Anger Therapy and Similar Services

GROW Mental Health does not provide you with trained, professional therapists. Instead, GROW offers help through means of finding a community that understands your troubles and can relate to the personal journey needed to overcome them. We train our volunteers in-house to offer you peer support and mutual help. With this said, it is also important to know that anyone is welcome to join, and we would love to have and support you.

Whether you need assistance with smoking, eating disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or other forms of mental illness, we want to help. We offer the chance to find people who have experienced the hardships of what you are going through, and who can offer insightful advice to help you in your healing process. Contact us today and ask about groups in your area and how we can offer you what you need.

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