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Safeguard Your Mental Health With GROW Group Therapy

There has never in the history of the modern world been a more urgent need for people to engage in group therapy. We live in uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen millions of people worldwide being under added pressure from the financial, social and personal burdens brought on by the virus and the resulting economic downturn.

At GROW Mental Health, we are always here for you. As a community-based free resource, our online group therapy sessions will put you in touch with other people who, just like you, need to find a way to not buckle under the pressure.

The Benefits of Social Group Therapy

Whether you are struggling to overcome a specific mental illness like depression, bipolar disease, or post-traumatic stress disorder, our volunteer social therapy sessions aim to be your pillar of strength.

GROW members benefit from a comprehensive 12-step programme that aims to help you deal with issues that include depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, suicidal thoughts, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, post-natal depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other personality disorders.

Our collaborative therapy sessions offer support to those suffering from job loss, stress, grief and loss, shyness, fear, loneliness, sickness, insomnia, worrying, low self-esteem, social isolations, divorce or marriage separation, anger, phobias, physical injury, redundancy, lack of confidence, and addiction.

As a community and volunteer-run initiative, you get to interact with peers that have gone through the same issues you have, sharing experiences and learning what worked for others in the same or similar positions. It is a platform where we share and learn from one another, getting and sharing advice and support in these trying times.

What Sets GROW Mental Health Apart Regarding Group Counselling?

The mutual help principle means you can receive help and instruction, and you can also offer comfort and counsel, balanced by compassion and understanding from GROW’s guidebook on healthy living.

GROW is volunteer run. We don’t employ counsellors or psychotherapists although we work in collaboration with all medical professions and sometimes receive referrals from them.

We do so partly by making use of an adapted version of the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step programme, and also by taking from our own life experience to support and advise each other on how best to cope with mental illness.

We are not doctors or psychologists, although we do count many among our members. We make use of accumulated shared experience and wisdom to help enrich the lives of thousands of people suffering from mental illness in all its diversity, creating a caring and sharing community.

led by trained volunteers and allow you to connect with like-minded individuals who are suffering or have suffered just like you. It is at the very least, a healthy and non-judgemental platform where you can express your feelings and receive support and relevant advice.

Our sessions are free. You do not need to be referred or make an appointment. Volunteer leaders lead group sessions and our group sessions are open for anyone to attend and take part.

About GROW Mental Health

We are a volunteer association composed of individuals who know we need help and support to deal with the pressures of life. Our sessions aim to provide a stabilising influence to help you correct a mental, social or spiritual condition in your life.

Contact us today to join our community of GROWers.

Look No Further For a Mental Health Counsellor

There is an array of issues that people experience which requires the help of a mental health counsellor. Whether you’re trying to stop a bad habit, prevent mental illness or face an existing mental health condition, emotional support is crucial to your success. At GROW Mental Health, we’ll arrange for volunteers who have been through similar experiences to assist you with overcoming any mental issues.

Benefits of Anger Counselling

Anger is a normal emotion to feel. Some would go as far as to say that feeling angry is healthy. However, when it gets out of control and causes physical and emotional damage to others, it becomes a problem. If you’re having uncontrolled outbursts in environments where it’s inappropriate, anger counselling is a good option.

  • Primarily, the benefit of attending anger counselling is to reduce the symptoms and signs of anger. Talking about it in group counselling assists in discovering and understanding the root cause of your anger. There are different factors responsible which is why you must conduct an introspection with the help of friends and others who’ve been through the same process.
  • Therapy assists in identifying the factors that trigger your anger. When you’re aware of those elements, you can then deal with it and avoid losing your temper. Instead of allowing your aggression to take over, you become assertive.
  • Dealing with your anger issues allows you the freedom to express your emotions freely and dramatically boosts your confidence and self-esteem. As a result, your personal and professional relationships are strengthened, increasing your overall quality of life.
What Sets GROW Mental Health Apart Regarding Stress Counselling

We started in Australia in 1957 when several mental health patients came together to form their own support group after some had to turn to Alcoholics Anonymous as a form of support. We’re proud to have grown significantly over the years, reflecting the need for emotional support for people suffering from mental illnesses. Today, we’re able to host group sessions via online platforms with people around the globe.

  • We respect the privacy of every person that reaches out for assistance. Our request to members is that the content of their discussions remains solely for those participating in the chat. You can be anonymous or provide a first name if you’re comfortable. There are no costs associated with joining a group, but since we are a non-profit organisation, we do accept donations as a means to continue operating.
  • You don’t require a medical referral or history to join our groups. Regardless of your background and beliefs, you’re welcome to join and share your problems with the rest of the group. Our volunteers are trained in-house on how to use the GROW programme, and we offer peer support and mutual help.
  • Our groups vary in size on average of about five to nine members per group. The meetings are held on a weekly basis, either during the day or night and last for two hours. There are personal testimonies, progress reports and other elements.


Why Choose GROW Mental Health

For over 50 years, we’ve been assisting people with various mental issues to cope and improve their quality of life by sharing with our groups. Even if you’re sceptical about joining, we’ll allow you to attend a few sessions to familiarise yourself with how the meetings work. Once you attend, it’s recommended you attend every week if not for yourself, but to provide support for others within the group.
Contact us if you have any questions or would like to join a support group.

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