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We Offer Depression Help in New Zealand

With the mounting stress of daily living, it’s advisable to deal with it by seeking depression help in New Zealand. Often, people struggle with depression silently because they fear being admonished purely for admitting they have a problem. However, there is nothing better than talking to someone who was in a similar situation to yours. The volunteers at GROW Mental Health have all experienced depression in New Zealand at some point in their lives and are now committed to helping others.

Benefits of Group Therapy for Depression

The idea of attending group therapy to discuss your issues seems daunting. There are different types of groups, some focus on interpersonal learning, discussing how they feel with each other, support groups address the individual’s life outside the group and the hybrid group blends both those ideas.

Because we operate on an individualistic worldview, we assume that the problems we have are unique. The circumstances may be unique, but once you’ve discussed your issues in a group, you realise you’re not alone.

Sharing your story with a group of equals results in real feedback, connection and most importantly, support. During a difficult time, feeling alone is the worst. Having others who are experiencing similar feelings to you reduces the sense of isolation. Furthermore, because a group is peer-based, hearing about another individual’s success in overcoming their issues provides real hope and encouragement.

It strengthens your social relationships and gives you the courage to deal with your problems when you’re not in the presence of fellow group members. Building confidence within the group is a great training ground for carrying that confidence into the outside world.

What You Can Expect from GROW Mental Health Regarding Depression Group Therapy

We have been assisting people with depression counselling in Auckland for more than 50 years. We’ve taken our groups online to facilitate people from any location around the world.

Our groups are administered by volunteers that have been in similar situations than those attending. We are here to offer help and support for people who are willing to talk about their issues and open to listening to advice from others who have overcome depression and other mental illnesses.

There are no prerequisites for joining our group therapy sessions. You don’t require a referral and your membership is completely anonymous. Furthermore, there are no subscriptions or fees that you have to pay.

After starting in Australia, we’ve now expanded to conduct sessions in New Zealand, Ireland and the USA with online sessions accessible from any country in the world.

About GROW Mental Health

As a non-profit organisation, our services are free of charge. However, we do rely on grants and sponsorships for the operational costs of our sessions. We don’t claim to be professionals but offer real friendship in the time of need through volunteers that have been in those circumstances before.

Contact us if you have any questions about what we do or if you’d like to attend one of our helpful sessions.

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