12-Step Programme

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The 12-step programme that we’ve implemented to assist with any form of mental illness has the potential to make you feel better about yourself and allow you and your experience to help others. Grow Mental Health adopted this programme years ago, and it has shown to be effective in helping people deal with mental problems.

What You Should Know About the Twelve-Step Programme

Beginning in the 1930s, the twelve-step programme was the cornerstone in treating drug and alcohol addiction through admitting the problem as an addiction rather than a choice. We’ve adapted the programme to work for other mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, schizophrenia, personality disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders, to name a few.
The first step is to admit that we are maladjusted to life. Simply put, we’re taking responsibility for our part in the problems we’re experiencing and require help in terms of resources. We’re committed to changing and prepared to take on any advice while surrendering to a higher power in whichever form of belief system.
Thereafter, once in a group, we take stock of our strengths and weaknesses and seek to change the things we can. As a result, we look into our gifts and talents and channel it for good. One of the steps is taking control of our bodies and changing one thing that can affect our entire lives while remaining committed to this process for the long-haul.
The next step is to take control of our emotions and start assessing situations using our minds and reasoning. To restore order, we must understand the difference between facts and feelings. We must practice new, positive ways of thinking until it becomes habitual and we can apply it in the real world. We understand that the process is an ongoing one and part of the healing process is to help others with what we have learned through the twelve steps.

What You Can Expect From Grow Mental Health Regarding the 12 Steps of Recovery

We’ve been assisting people with various mental health issues since 1957. Starting in Australia, we’ve now got physical locations in New Zealand, Ireland and the USA. In this modern age, we’re capable of hosting online groups to assist with the 12 steps of recovery.
There is absolutely no charge for attending any of our sessions. You can simply find out about any of our meetings and participate. There is no pressure to make any form of payment although we do accept donations as a result of being a non-profit organisation.
Unlike the Grow weekly meetings where the primary goal is healing those who are in attendance through sharing stories and finding encouragement with new friendships, we host social events. These days are far more relaxed and are a place for you to deepen your friendship with other people within the group, broadening your social circle.
We are not professional counsellors, but our volunteers are trained in-house on how to use the Grow programme and how to best offer support and help.

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