GROW NZ Inc is an approved donee organisation and a registered charity.


The NZ government will recognise and reward a private donor’s generosity to GROW by

offering a Tax Credit. For more information on how to apply for a Tax Credit, please see at

bottom of this page.

1. Donate using Paypal

Secure way to make payments

Select the amount to donate
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  • You must have paypal account or Credit card to make donations using this method.

  • A GROW receipt will be issued.


2. Donate using Bank Transfer

Bank Details:

Account Name: GROW NZ Inc

Bank Account: 123017 0509675 00

Details to appear on GROW’s statement –

       Particulars: Your name

       Code: Your contact number (include area code)

       Reference: Donation

A GROW receipt will be issued.

3. Donate by Cheque

Send your cheque in the name of




PO Box 41051

St Lukes 1346

Auckland (New Zealand)


Include a note with your name, address and contact number.

A GROW receipt will be issued.

Need Assistance ?


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09 846 6869

Important for Tax payers

  • New Zealand tax payers are eligible for donation tax credits from the NZ government for all donations to GROW because it is an approved donee organsation.
  • If you are a NZ resident and tax payer you are eligible to claim a Tax Credit for any donations over the previous 12 months on or after the 31 March. Simply select or click on the time period of your donations to download the appropriate form called IR526.
  • Fill in the details of your bank account etc and attach all your donation receipts you have made to any donee approved organisations.
  • Post the form and receipts to the Inland Revenue address shown on the form. Then sit back and wait for your Tax Credit to appear in your nominated bank account within six weeks.
  • The tax credit dollar amount is a third of your total giving. For example, $90 of donations will earn $30 and this amount will be deposited into your bank account by Inland Revenue.
  • Please double check you qualify by reading the second page of the IR526.