GROW Saved Me

I was depressed and finally attempt suicide, GROW provided individuals who understand me, supported me and challenged me to solve my problems, Now I am happy …..

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We are Happy, Are you ?

GROW has showed us the ray of light and made our life simple and easier

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How GROW can help you ?

Anyone can face any mental disorder at an age of a teen or at older ages, GROW can help you at all the stages of life ….

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Grow Your Life

GROW follow 12 Steps Program of Growth to Maturity through Friendship and Mutual help


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About GROW

GROW is a grassroots, community mental health movement Read More


GROW is celebrating 50th Anniversary of being into social service in New Zealand, To celebrate 50 years jubilee, GROW is hosting a jubilee dinner Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions

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12 Steps of Recovery

GROW has contributed to the well being of people in society based upon a 12 steps program of growth to maturity through friendship and mutual help Read More

Success Stories

Most of the people get benefited who had faced social and mental issues Read Testimonials


GROW does not charge any member fees or dues and so relies on grants and private donation. If you can afford to, please donate to GROW for wellbeing and betterment of Society Donate

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GROW Values


A true response to each situation, to my human helpers and the Supreme Healer Read More


Among human relationships, friendship is the special key to mental health Read More


Character is spiritual strength and there can be neither maturity nor happiness without it Read More

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See what other people have said about GROW …..

We want to grow because it involves achievements that make us feel good about ourselves. And we can’t feel good unless we know that we have earned it. Earning it means we worked for it, working for it means that we are growing.


Papatoetoe Group

GROW has helped me in accepting myself and liking myself. I found I made good progress when I worked on one thing at a time and not trying to solve all my problem at once


A Former GROW Fieldworker

I have always struggled with being reasonable with myself. I have often wanted to please others. Ending up wearing myself out in the process.


St Lukes Group

I am a relative newcomer to GROW, although I have attended a couple of meetings in the past, as a Community Observer. I am happy to have joined the ranks as a full Grower at the Monday evening meeting in Thames.


Thames Group